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I thought I could go and write my testimonial on your site , anyway I wanted to say that I am so glad that I didn't give up I have taken this course (from another school both in person and on line ) and I gave up during both I was not retaining any information and bored to tears. I am so glad  found you and your class in Syosset. I just checked again for my grade on the state  test and I PASSED!!! You are an awesome teacher and you are also very fun person which kept me involved and interested


your AUDIO FILE is brilliant and well worth the money I played it over and over again and I Thank you for having it available to students like me who learn better hearing something than reading it. IT WAS A LIFESAVER


Bill you are such a great person , teacher , author and you should feel great about that !




Deirdre McKell






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Subject: Re: audio file


Hi Bill,


Just returned from vacation.  Here are my thoughts on the audio file:




Bill Plunkett's audio file reclarified all that he delivered in class.  Where I missed something in class, the audio file brought it to my attention as I was reviewing my notes as the audio file was playing.  I listened to Bill's audio file the week leading into my exam and heard it resounding while I was taking the NYS exam.   Bill's in person classes and audio file, along with his thorough knowledge and complete disclosure of the NYS real estate rules and regulations, was a direct result of passing my exam with ease.




I hope all is well, Bill!!  Thank you again,


Ritalyn Clemente






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To: Bill Plunkett


Hi  I listen to the audio when in my car or on breaks from my job.  I do like to listen to the tape constantly.   When I go back to the reading I understand a little better.   When reviewing the quiz I remember some of the audio information. Its helping me since I have trouble retaining information












Millie Mederos
















Hi Bill,


Hope all is well with you. I found the audio file very helpful for review and test preparation.


Hope that helps


Stay Well,


Millie Mederos


Nancy Klipper














The audio file was fabulous. I listened to it while reading from the book.I don't think I would have passed my exams without the audio file. When you read the questions on the tests, you can hear Bill






Tara Alcamo
















Hi Bill,


The audio was very helpful. A good study tool.












Hi  I listen to the audio when in my car or on breaks from my job.  I do like to listen to the tape constantly.   When I go back to the reading I understand a little better.   When reviewing the quiz I remember some of the audio information. Its helping me since I have trouble retaining information




Kevin O'Hanlon
















Hi Bill,




I thought the audio file was very good and definitely worth the money spent. I had an hour and a half drive to Newburgh to take my test so it was the perfect refresher/last minute study guide needed. 




My only thought to enhance its use is that the chapters be broken up like an audio book to allow you to hone in on certain areas that need special attention.  This will help while driving for safety reasons or if you stop the file during the day you do not have to search for the place you left off the next time around.




By the way, I passed my test with flying colors only 13 days after starting your course.  Thank you for all of the stars in the book and your wit in class.
























Hi Bill, the audio file did not work for me, so I never used it. But I'm sure




others may find it useful. Thanks again. 










grace wray


























Hi Bill, 




The audio was great and found it helpful. After I sit the state will send an updated review.








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Jewels Ferrante














Hi Bill. 




The audio file was great. Straight to the point and clear as glass. I have passed both test at this point.  Thank you so much.






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I was able to load the file on an old IPHONE 3.  I started using the tape over the weekend.  Very clear - all of the information reinforces what is in the book..




I have a long flight on Wednesday, I hope to listen to the entire tape on that flight.








Gina Maria Flaim










I took the class, took great notes and felt the audio file was a fantastic aid to my success in passing both tests.


Hearing the chapters was such a big help for my retention.


Great help for those interested in passing the test.










I found the audio file to be a supportive and  unique studying tool to use.  I really liked it!  




Donna Arnone




The audio file is very good, but personally, I really just ended up reading over the stars again and again and again. This way I could read them over at my own pace, slow down for some points, speed up for sections I knew well already etc.




Hope the feedback helps. Thanks Bill.




Evan Roth




My personal opinion it was very helpful and it went along great with all the other information we learned in class.


anthong derasmo
















It was certainly extremely helpful! Everyone should definitely purchase it. I listened to it many times on my phone wherever I went.  It covered everything just like the textbook and I was able to remember a lot and I'm so happy that I bought it. Thank you so much Bill for your awesome teaching. You are a great inspiration to real estate and you made it extremely interesting and fun! Your pictures and your study guide were beautiful and great! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. I'm so excited to start my new real estate career and hope to be very successful just like you so thank you Bill    God Bless!




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Matt Classie


















Just want to thank you again


Just got state results and I passed! Your great at getting the needed info into our heads


I enjoyed your classes very much


Matt Classie




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Gissel Gonzalez
















Good Morning Mr. Plunkett I personally think that your audio is great. I think that it is an excellent idea and has help me a lot. Even when I don't have the time to read I can just plug my headphones in and still get my fill. I very much love how at the end of the audio you also have proved questions that corespondent with your study guide.




                                               Thank You, G




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Hi Bill,


I thought the audio was very helpful i listen to it all the time! I also wanted to ask you if it would be okay if I came to some classes as review for my test, I have completed my hours but just wanted to get in a few more days before the test.




Thank You,






I purchased the Audio file from Bill and I have to say it's a very useful tool to use for studying.


It's clear and the break down of the chapters was done just perfect.


- Angela Mannino #100430




i Bill- I think audio is great. First always good to hear your voice!


I've gone through it 3x and each time I pick something up/ hear something I missed the previous time. I think everyone should purchase it. That's what ive done the past week is audio and practice tests. Hopefully that gets me through the state exam.


Class was great and wonderful insight added from you. Lots of laughs as well- always helps! 


Thanks again




Frank Marasco




Hi Bill -




FITH here! 


Great to hear from you.  Hope you & your dog are well.




I thoroughly enjoyed the audio.  I listed to it 5 or 6 times.  I do feel it helped me pass the State Exam.  "Listening to study" instead of constant reading - works for me.




Unfortunately, I have not been able to spend any time with Laffey.  My Dad passed away on April 10th & I've been caught up it settling his estate.  Has not been good.   Devastating actually. 




I do hope to see you soon.




Take care,


Waka Waka ;)




Dawn M. Pisacano aka FITH




Bill great audio file I love your class. you are alot of fun. I really enjoy your course your audio is really the way to go.




Vincent forlenza


Hello Bill,


I listened to it for few minutes. It's a great resource but as a suggestion you can do two things to make it better.


  1. Instead of one continuous playback, split it into chapters so that people can skip to different chapters easily.
  2. Get a professional recording device( they are very inexpensive) to improve the sound quality.

I'm sure these things are to going to make your great content excel in terms of presentation.

Take care,


Amandeep Singh.


I think your audio was terrific and I'm still listening to it !! Thank you again for offering it.  It's s big help




I think the audio was great. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is taking the course.


Maureen Roland



Hi bill  hope you are well. Miss your class, it was always good for a laugh or two.    My thought on the video is that it was well done, nice & clear and understandable. 

ariel carner


the audio file was extremely helpful. It reinforced everything we went over in class and helped me to remember what I needed to know. I truly believe that it was a big reason for me passing both the state exam and school exam.



I took the test this Tuesday and let me tell you I would've failed if it wasn't for the audio book it was easy and relaxing to listen to in the car or on a walk. I found it followed very well chapter to chapter and helped me understand what was important to keep in mind when taking the test.




Clayton Banks



Clifford Sorrell (

Hey Bill first I'd like to say Thank you again. I passed my test on my first attempt and my main source of info was from the audio file . I listened to it in my travels and at least once a day up to the test. That was 85% of my training for test.



Hey Bill,

I thought the audio for the Real estate class was excellent!  I listened to it over and over, even when I was sleeping (subliminal).  I was even actually speaking it word for word lol. 



Bill Plunkett Real estate audio was phenomenal!  Gave me everything I needed to know and study for, for the NY test.  Made me pass!!!  Yay!!!  Thank you very much!!! It was so worth the money!!! 

Respectfully Yours,

Lisa Mignogna